O Kolkorro Ruv (vaj Ruvni) – The Lone Wolf (or She-Wolf)

This picture on the header and below is a diversely edited screenshot from “Never Cry Wolf”, an American movie from 1983 directed by Carroll Ballard as an adaptation of Farley Mowat’s 1963 autobiography with the same title.

I found the image by pure chance on the Web, long ago, and even if it was a low resolution and rather darkish image (look at it at the end), I liked it at once. I also noticed its possibilities to become very appealing and so I edited it in different ways and used the one I preferred as a wallpaper for my computer –as a featured image in some of my personal pages online too. My younger sister fell in love with that “ruv” or “ruvni” as soon as she saw it and also used the picture several times (she even got it printed), and that’s the main reason why I bring it here to my blog; her favourite photos, videos, paintings, books and anything, are important to me since they make me feel her closer and, sometimes, help me to understand traits of her which I did not perceive well enough while she was here (as much as I thought I knew her thoroughly…) I mean in this case that I have just discovered that Ari –aside of liking wolves– felt identified with the look of this very one: the right eye shinier and much more piercing than the left (she had very poor vision in one eye after an accident she had long ago). She could have thought too that this wolf and all bushes around had the right colour; the one she always said that dyed her dreams.

 [Oh, and the caption is written in Vlax-Rromani for no particular reason beyond my fondness -and my sister’s- of the Romani language in all its variants.]


nevercrywolf mod 2 adj br+11 cn+7 ampl2 x895 filtr 2-2
O Kolkorro Ruv … – 1

nevercrywolf mod 2 adj t+160 br+11 cn+7 enf x895
O Kolkorro Ruv … – 2

Original low quality screenshot from Never Cry Wolf, 1983

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “O Kolkorro Ruv (vaj Ruvni) – The Lone Wolf (or She-Wolf)

  1. Somehow I had convinced myself you weren’t on Twitter Lixie, despite clear evidence to the contrary in that I’d followed you! I love this image and your edits and words are beautiful and very interesting.
    I’m planning to do a “fractured fairytale” photographic version of the Little Red Riding Hood story sometime before winter with my photographer friend, so this really hits the spot for me. And I now have a perfect image of the shape of the wolfs ears to make – thanks to you.
    I hope to get to the store where I bought that white dress today, fingers crossed they still have them, so I can get one for you.

    xox Indie


    1. Oh 🙂 Thanks 💐
      Though I’m formaly on Twitter, I seldom enter it. I’ve done it today to get immediate information about what was happening this evening in Barcelon and all around my country. Then I saw your mention of this lixie in your posts :)) You’re sweet and made me smile… Maybe we should get a well-shot pic bathing together, if we ever have the while and disposition for it (no kidding, because I’m not as shy as it may seem sometimes, out of caution 🙂
      The white dress is a very old fantasy I have always had and never made real… A long white semi-transparent dress, and barefoot like a nimph. I would even wear it (with flats or ballet shoes) downtown here in this quite close-minded rural place I’m living.
      The Ruvni!!! I keep some nice illustrations, somewhere, of a very cute Little Hood deep into a BDSM session with the wolf : as a Dominatrix, whipping him, burning his fur with lit cigarettes and fisting his arse… LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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