The Right of Being Special and Feeling Well for it – TransGirls & FemBoys’ Affair

Again I’m posting low quality pics of transfeminine persons. I crop and additionaly blurr some of them for privacy reasons, and also I change colours out of personal taste and affinities, like here. However, there is no shame in being daring and showing off a little –or much, as any cis-girl like to do (at least many of them).

As a matter of of fact, being different from other girls in some crucial aspects, like having a penis or sometimes lacking noticeable breasts, does not make us less girly, and often not less good-looking. So I perceive. So quite a few say.

First pic shows a cutie in socks and pajamas in a simple and quite messy room. I show the same view in the header in somewhat spiritually purer (but perhaps not so true and not so nice, either) colours:

DSC015223b cl t+140 turquoise, pink ampl OK
TGirl in Pajamas

Second pic shows that gradually destroyed jeans may end up very ragged and open, which makes up for the challenge, fun and thrill of wearing them. Walking tall, not much dressed around the waist and above, and moderately shaking your bottom in a crowdy place helps a lot to lift spirits when feeling depressed, sad, scarcely motivated, unwell, alone, forlorn… It lifts the libido as well (and not only your own; so, take care and do not show off at night in unproper places !! I do not advice either to wear high heels when dressing this way; it might give a distorted image. Also, maybe, you will need to run away from some undesired encounter.)

Street photo RET5 vert WPHd3 dk +mg +Fr4
Walking Tall and Free

[The original of this photo is public domain]


Third pic is a perfect instance of how much a long nice hair, some lipstick and a sexy shortie dress may do for a transgirl in progress, even when she has big hands, no breasts yet –or very smallish ones– and goes blatantly untucked like here… Does somebody consider that she does not look girly enough, and also truly attractive?… (If so, please, tell me) :

Tumblr_(77) adj gr1 t+133 RET
Showing long legs and more

[This photo comes from a public account in Tumblr]

Next pics: 4th, 5th & 6th, just show, partially, three usual attitudes among feminine boys or trans-girls when they feel well, cute enough and somewhat turned on: 1/. Stripping and showing off some nice lingerie before someone else, and being pictured; 2/. Making unashamed selfies at bed or elsewhere while beginning to get aroused (also while masturbating, but I don’t want to show here this kind of pics); 3/. Trying on underclothes and shoes and anything after an accurate depilation, or pretty makeup, and sometimes, like here, before some intimate date.

[Private pics – not copyrighted (being not good and much cropped), but private anyway] Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

18 thoughts on “The Right of Being Special and Feeling Well for it – TransGirls & FemBoys’ Affair

  1. Well, my Dear! These are beautiful! (I also much admire and respect your ability to manipulate photos to bring more into them.)

    One of my favorite American Drag Queen quotes (I know, NOT the same as a t-girl!!) is from Alaska (Sometimes known as Alaska Thunderfuck or Alaska 5000) – “If you see a bulge, don’t be mad! Some of the most beautiful women in the world have gigantic penises!” It takes more than genitals to “make” you.


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    1. Thank you so much, darling ❤ ✨ !
      About the quote, it’s very true, as it is also that some very handsome men have miniature ps, and even vaginas. I have to dedicate a post to this last, especially shy and poorly known portion of society: transmen. I know some from a LGTQ association in Cat and one of them, Héctor, is a valiant activist and a perfect sweetheart who could steal my heart were he not so so young (and so fond of active lovers, just like here ;)) *Hugs and Kisses* 💋 💕 !!!

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    1. Esto es muy amable de tu parte, Amalia. Lo aprecio de verdad ❤ ✨ (aunque supongo que te habrás dado cuenta que las fotos son de tres chicas distintas. La menos sexy y, probablemente, menos femenina soy yo. Pero voy progresando y ya me siento bastante bien conmigo misma.) Gracias de nuevo por tu cumplido!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Así lo asumí, y por ello me hiciste muy contenta! Cuando no todos cerca de mí me aceptan bien, cualquier palabra de ánimo sincera y veraz es más que bienvenida 🙂 Otro abrazo fuerte para ti (hoy te vi un poquito en Twitter y eres muy linda! Me alegro mucho, porque esto ayuda a sentirse bien.) 💐 🍀 ❤ ✨

          Liked by 1 person

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