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Being rather unsteady or fickle (but not inconsequential), I have been changing my blog headers once and again. Anyway I almost always try to represent either a very painful loss and the memories associated with it, or the remaining presence of the person lost. Only lately I have felt like posting more freely –but also related somehow with the former purpose.

There have appeared so far fourteen illustrations which I collect below, because I think that some of them are nice and worthy to be displayed again, with their captions or some brief description.

zha Devlhesa phejorri
Zha Devhlesa, Phejorri (Go with God, little Sister) – August 16, 2016

Le Voyage Légendaire (Paul Delvaux – fragment)

Tribute 1 (Paul Delvaux – detail of “Rosine” in magenta hues)

nevercrywolf mod 2 adj t+88 br+11 cn+7 enf x995
O Kolkorro Ruv – The Lone Wolf

T. S. Eliot - Four Quartets
… So the darkness will be the light and the stillness the dancing

tribute-to-jules-verne-1971-detall-b-g-t-57-2 Hd2
Tribute to Jules Verne (Paul Delvaux – detail) – Also a tribute to Ariel, to myself and to a girl gone long ago.

boy and girl hotly kissing RET3 xt+180 Hd
Qboy and Tgirl hotly kissing

Monstre Tou en un paisatge angèlic, 1977 (detall 1b Hd)
Monstre Tou en un Paisatge Angèlic (Salvador Dalí – detall)

AlyssaMonks_Harmony57 Hd Mod mid-sized
Harmony 57, by Alyssa Monks

Deviant modeling ret adj RET2 HD3
Je te Veux 1

LF 4493 1b tg_ret adj blue - nou HD2x1400
Je te veux 2

Railroads to Auschwitz

AL95 - lower half i dark blue HD 2x
Youngsters in black jeans and high black heels in front of a brick wall

Late at home 011 RET2 - Mini-sk +vio rev
Portrait in blue



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