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Being rather unsteady or fickle (but not inconsequential), I have been changing my blog headers once and again. Anyway, I almost always try to represent either a very painful departure and the memories associated with it, or the remaining presence of the very person lost. Only lately I have felt like posting more individualistic (even narcissistic) portraits or fragments of them –but also related somehow with the former purpose.

There have appeared so far seventeen illustrations which I collect below in chronological order; just because I think that several among the discarded ones are nice and worthy to be displayed again, as a gallery, with their captions or some brief description; and furthermore, I am completely sure that no one among my friends and followers have seen them all.

zha Devlhesa phejorri
Zha Devhlesa, Phejorri (Go with God, little Sister) – August 16, 2016

Le Voyage Légendaire (1974 – fragment (moitié droite))

Tribute 1 (detail of “Rosine” in magenta hues)

nevercrywolf mod 2 adj t+88 br+11 cn+7 enf x995
O Kolkorro Ruv (jal Ruvni) – The Lone Wolf (or She-wolf) – 2

T. S. Eliot - Four Quartets
… So the darkness will be the light and the stillness the dancing

tribute-to-jules-verne-1971-detall-b-g-t-57-2 Hd2
Tribute to Jules Verne, by Paul Delvaux, 1971 (detail) – Also a tribute to Ariel, to myself and to another girl gone long ago, prior to us

boy and girl hotly kissing RET3 xt+180 Hd
Qboy and Tgirl hotly kissing

Monstre Tou en un paisatge angèlic, 1977 (detall 1b Hd)
Monstre Tou en un Paisatge Angèlic – Salvador Dalí, 1977 (detall)

AlyssaMonks_Harmony57 Hd Mod mid-sized
Harmony 57, by Alyssa Monks – as seen with my eyes closed

Deviant modeling ret adj RET2 HD3
Appeal 2, or Je te Veux (2017 – upper fragment)

LF 4493 1b tg_ret adj blue - nou HD2x1400
Je te veux (right here, in the kitchen’s floor)

Railroads to Auschwitz

AL95 - lower half i dark blue HD 2x
Youngsters in black jeans and high black heels in front of a brick wall

Late at home 011 RET2 - Mini-sk +vio rev
Booty in blue – (warm and ready after some smooching with the photographer)



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