Rebuked lover… just for a while

It’s been a long while since I was last here. I suppose I will need even more to catch up with all the lost posts from followers, and somehow resume this thread —mainly because few things run right about my life, but also because I’m focused on writing in languages other than English, while my friends and followers are mostly (almost all) English speakers. Moreover, I seldom take or edit pictures nowadays.

At least, I have company (and none of us two has ever rebuked the other beyond some mild, reasonable criticism). Of course the image is, to a point, only a representantion.

About the model: he is Swedish, very tall, and slender, despite the full, well-rounded buttocks; and, of course, he likes to show them… –most of the while, at home or in private places–, but being quite shy outside. The frank fact is we are looking for a real man for both –at once, if possible– to make up for our personal shortcomings in this role.

8 thoughts on “Rebuked lover… just for a while

    1. I’ve known very few gentlemen like you, Glen 🙂 Just hope you’re well there in your distant land –at least, much better than here. A big hug to you and yours ! Be well !

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