‘Hommage à Terpsichore’, after Salvador Dalí – Faceless beauty

Something Beyond

I had never liked Salvador Dalí as a person, and moreover, I learned to deeply dislike him when I knew of his cruelty with animals and some other nasty facets of his character and behaviour. Maybe he had mental issues or maybe not, but anyway I could not ever forgive some things he did (and I’m not at all referring to his eccentricities when treating others or his weird, exhibitionist, half-faked pose in his public life; that is just a trifle, and of course, his legitimate choice and freedom). It also disgusted me the continued support he gave to Franco’s dictatorship in Spain and all the personal flattering he displayed toward the dictator… However, I admire his art works without any reserve: paintings, drawings, designs and all sort of illustrations, and also -perhaps most of all- the sculptures based on his earlier pictorial icons that he allowed and, in some…

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