Though nothing can bring back the hour
   Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;
   We will grieve not, rather find
   Strength in what remains behind;
   In the primal sympathy
   Which having been must ever be;
   In the soothing thoughts that spring
   Out of human suffering;
   In the faith that looks through death.
W. Wordsworth, “Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood”, X
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I’m Li, an outsider and a loser, a wayfarer lost into the blizzard, but still up and walking, seeking the right path to the right place. My past is my compass; my dead ones, my guides; my waste love, my best hope.

No lights ahead except the ones that just faded out.


Descending to some concrete earthly facts, I am Catalan, living in Catalunya (in the portion colonized and ruled by Spain). I studied sciences (Geology and Physics), but I’ve made my living in the trade of fine arts and antiques, stamps, old books… I’m myself a stamp and book collector since I was a child.

About this blog of mine, I started it as a sort of continuation of my late sister’s– and, to a great extent, as homage to her and her particular interests: poetry, literary translations, painting, fashion and girl’s clothes, erotic art, eroticism in general and also some of the relatively recent visual arts: comics, photography, cinema.

Like her, I’m publishing mainly in English, which is not one of my native languages; so I apologize for the mistakes made and all clumsiness shown in the writings.

Welcome, very heartily!

Benvinguts de tot cor!

Mishto avilan!

Herzlich Willkommen!

Siate i benvenuti!


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Whatever you feel like saying publicly or privately to me about this blog will be very welcome and soon answered.

Thanks heartily for your interest. Best wishes!

Li   ✨


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