More blurred selfies at home (this time, exposed with some optimism)

I was going to title this new personal –and questionable– post as “Blurred selfies in a neat home…”, as some adequate counterpoint to “Blurred selfies in a dusty home, exposed with some pessimism…”, blogged a month ago, but being true that my house is cleaner now, the presence or absence of dust in it does not seem relevant enough to the contents of the post. It is relevant to me for the simple reason that it means more energy and higher spirits available for doing the homely chores (dusting included). I mean, I feel somewhat better; seemingly out of the well I was not long ago.

After twenty months of walking the way of feminization, with many ups and downs (hormones are not always good allies), I begin to see a clear improvement about me: physically and, consequently, psychologically as well.

So here I am again, late at night, trying on skirts and tops after some gym, a long bath and a good depilation and moisturizing. Feeling glad that my body keeps on changing for better, or so I perceive.

Late at home 009 RET3 adj cl2 amp rev br 1-2 HD
Late at home 1 (a top too low – blue mod)

Late at home 011 RET2 - Mini-sk +vio rev
Late at home 2 (a girlier booty! – blue mod)

(Now, instead of lamps, mirrors and mattresses –and dust…–, you may see some of my world-wide stamp catalogues behind me, and a very blurred pic of my daughter wearing a shortie skirt similar to mine here. Of course I’m not a kid anymore, but I do dare to wear this kind of outfits, while she is much more hesitant. (Well… I’ve not worn the top yet, and I wouldn’t wear it so low publicly, almost showing the nipples, but I’ve worn the skirt some times already, and once I worn it “commando”,  truly ready for fun or scandal… whatever that makes me feel empowered after some bleak times.))

(Having broken with my boyfriend just a month ago has helped me more than the contrary –no need to tell here how and why; it has really helped and I feel much freer and keen to do quirky things and interact with nice people around me. No issues if I behave a bit randily when I feel like doing it.)

My very best wishes to anybody who is still following my more private posts about gender transition and my silly, and sometimes rather lewd, photographs.

[I add below the same pictures in its “natural colours” –with flash on and off, and hence the differences both in skin and wall hues–]

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