A fifty years old sewing pattern in my wish list !

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Our mother had this sewing pattern from the late 60s or early 70s. My sister fell in love with it some twelve years later and tried to make it by herself, but failed somehow, or got bored with the labour, or couldn’t find all the necessary tools and materials. (I can’t remember much aside of this cover illustration… and the big piece of checkered tablecloth my sister had in our room for weeks or months.)
That souvenir from my family has gone astray, but now I have found another for sale on Etsy.
I won’t buy it (I can’t buy anything superfluous now), but I want to post it here for Ari’s sake. I wish I could see her face if she had a look here …

[Li F, November 2018]


il_fullxfull.780814061_5w8n Wish list – number 1


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3 thoughts on “A fifty years old sewing pattern in my wish list !

  1. This stirs up memories for me– I used to sew my own clothes when I was a teenager. I was good at it, but being good meant aquiring skills by practice and focus. This pattern seems a bit difficult for someone inexperienced, with the skirt inset in the back, the waistband, trim and the hat. A shame she didn’t finish, it’s a cute outfit

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    1. Thank you for the comment ❤ ✨ I see this pattern is difficult, and my sister was still unexperienced, having only made some clothing for her dolls. But she learnt to sew quite well by hand and by machine. About this dress, she did not pretend to make the hat 🙂 Not even, probably, the under pants; just the simple dress.


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