To my followers: about eroticism, protected posts, some issues with the comments… And my brand-new blog!

This is not a conventional post –even if it features a beautiful artwork by Malika Favre as a header. It is just a letter to my friends and followers here, to whom I kindly ask to read it.

  • Naughty posts


It’s a fact that I have been publishing and commenting erotic sculptures, paintings, drawings and fine art photographs from the very beginning of the blog, but lately I have gone further, sharing private pictures and memories; some of them naughty or a little beyond (“NSFW” like many call them now with dubious rightness). Nobody, ever, has publicly written a complaint about this, but several followers have quitted the blog after some openly erotic posts. I have also received negative feedback and well-aimed advice from close persons offline –a couple of them, important to me–. So I recently decided to protect some posts with a password and make others absolutely private (awaiting better times or more boldness from my part, basically).

About these posts, I am (I’ve always been) ready to open them to acquaintances who ask me. Maybe (just maybe) some of you have not dared to do it, and I want to state that I would make most protected posts available to whoever has interest. I just want to decide who watches them and who does not; certainly not everybody should.

  • Comments strayed or unanswered

As for comments, I have absolutely always answered to every single one ever sent to me (on my blog or on others’ blogs); however, many of my responses –sometimes long and accurate, and usually very polite– have remained unanswered, aside of non-liked. This is almost the rule for second and eventual third answers in the same thread; which makes me guess that WP does not use to notify comments beyond the first ones. Hence I beg you to check the posts again whenever you have left a comment on them and have not received any answer, because you will find it there (most possibly never read).

On the other hand, I have posted comments, on blogs I follow, that are still awaiting approval since the times of the Punic wars… This upsetting fact happens systematically when I comment on an old post, and furthermore, not even a kind reminder by me, prudently sent weeks or months later, deserves attention. And this has to be because no notifications are sent. (Of course, there may be one or two particular cases in which the blogger does not really matter a darn about responding or acknowledging the reception, but it cannot obviously be the rule, given the usual thankfulness we, bloggers, feel when receiving a kind and complimenting comment.)

  • A New Blog


And now a last happy word from me: I have started a brand-new blog to host my most daring publications. I will dedicate it openly to eroticism in general and erotic art and literature in particular; and also to my own personal pictures and memories when they could be inadequate or displeasing for some sensibilities in an open-audience blog like INVISIBLE FORMS. It will be as well the right place to share my personal fashion designs on Polyvore (be them erotic or not).

I have named it provisionally MY SNUG BACKYARD and hope it will result truly snug, or at least visually appealing, to its readers.

These are its logo and header, just to state the line or tendency:

By malika-favre -3 framed x777
“My Slug Backyard” Logo (fragment from “Sous les Jupes des Filles” by Malika Favre)

by malika_favre WPHD
“My Slug Backyard” Header (fragment from “In the Dark” by Malika Favre)


And here down is a door to the first post in my Backyard:

(As you may notice, it has a personal domain, and I will try my best to make it cute, stylish and interesting for as many persons as possible; of any age, though I must advice all under-aged persons not to enter it.)

Well 🙂 Come in! I’ll welcome you; I’ll be pleased to meet you; eager to try to make all of you comfy and glad in a freer, and sometimes naughtier, company… (But mind you: it may become, from time to time, a rather queer place.)

*Kisses* –  Lixie 💜

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved. Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

5 thoughts on “To my followers: about eroticism, protected posts, some issues with the comments… And my brand-new blog!

  1. I think that’s a great idea! People who want to read the more “naughty” posts can do so, but nobody will stumble onto them.
    I agree completely about responses. I respond to every comment left on my blog and sometimes to others that I read.
    I check out the blog of everyone who follows mine, and most of the ones who like on a post ( some get missed from time to time, but I do my best).
    Anyway, best of luck on your new venture. Now it’s time for me to read some more of this one. 🙂
    Thank you very much for following my blog. It’s very much appreciated!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are very welcome ✨ ! But thanks to you for your personable feedback and good wishes. I’ve had not time yet to browse around your blog; I’m sorry if it has seemed lack of interest. I’ll read your posts as soon as I can 🙂 Thanks again and *A Hug* !!


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