Malika Favre – On Sex-appeal and Feminine Pleasure

Bringing also here a hint of the thread I chose to inaugurate my new blog, I share some splendid minimalistic works by Malika Favre. Four of them –as signalled at the end– belong in her series about “Le Crazy Horse” cabaret in Paris; the other five are more personal allusions to feminine pleasure, shared in couple or individual.

Pop art in association with Op art, along with Favre’s exquisite concission, balance, symmetry and “bon goût”, yield these illustrations, worthy to figure high in any anthology of graphic design and advertising.




[70 x 70 cm. screenprints]



[40 x 40 cm. screenprints]


C LePlaisir_NYT image (x926) WP


E WONDERLAND Couronne_image1 (adj)





[70 x 100 cm screenprints]


NPNG-10 (adj)

[70 x 100 cm. screenprint]

[RESPIRATION, CONTRE-JOUR, POLKA and LE ZÈBRE belong in M. Favre’s “Le Crazy Horse” series, inspired in the show-girls “dressed” with neon lights at the famous Parisian cabaret.] Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

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