Enthralling illustrations by Inga Moore for “The Wind in the Willows” (II)

[Pala late –Ari: mrni jagorri–, kai kamlas “E Balval ande le Selchinde”… Me xalem lako ilo!]

This a follow-up in a series. I’ve published the first twelve illustrations –belonging to the first three chapters of Kenneth Grahame‘s novel– in a previous post.

Now I publish seven more of them (all personally scanned by me) belonging to chapters four and five of the novel in this fine edition:


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4 thoughts on “Enthralling illustrations by Inga Moore for “The Wind in the Willows” (II)

  1. I love love love these illustrations! The Wind in the Willows was one of my childhood favourites too! Especially Toad! We had the Dutch translation with the A.A.Milne illustrations, also beautiful!

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    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback, my friend ❤ ✨. I’m glad you like Moore’s artwork; also glad you read the book. I have never seen Milne’s work on it (I guess he is the same Milne of Winnie-the-Pooh), but I will check up. I already read it in English first time, but my sis had a Catalan version, and later on her life she thought of translating the original to Vlax-Romani as well, and even began this work. Hence the dedication in Romani I’ve written in the posts.
      (Btw, my favourite character was -quite commonly- Mole, and Ari liked Badger :))
      *Kisses* – Lixie 🐞

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      1. Yes, the very same Milne as from Pooh Bear. And therefore equally nice as Moore’s 😊 Were you raised bilingual?
        Interesting that your sister was thinking about translating the book, was that something she did more often?
        Take care, dear 💚


        1. Thanks, dear !
          In fact we were raised bilingual (Catalan and Romani) at home, but very soon we’re imposed Spanish at school. We learnt English later, about 10 or 11 because we’re sent to Wales with an aunt at summer. About 15, I knew English well, but my sister had learnt Welsh as well :!
          Yes, she worked as a translator and interpreter of several languages later in life (mainly French, Occitan, Catalan and Italian), but never had any request for Romani… All she translated into that language was out of sheer fondness of an awfully treated tongue.
          Take care you too!!
          *Kisses* from Lixie here! 💜


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