Nane tsoxa – I’ve no skirt

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The French group “Bratsch” has played quite a few Romani songs during decades. Soon, next December they will give up performance.
I want to share a favourite old standard of our traditional folk music as a memory of them and a farewell to them: ‘Nane tsoxa’ (I’ve no skirt)*. It’s sung in the North Russian dialect of Romani -called Xaladikta-. And it’s a lovely song, which speaks of a girl who has no skirt (tsoxa) and no blouse (gad) to dress nicely, and who, somewhat blatantly, asks her father to buy them for her.

*[The word “tsora” in the video’s title (and in the disc’s) is not rightly transcribed using the latin alphabet and following the best accepted convention among Romani people to use “x” to represent a more o less aspirated “h” depending on the dialect.]


This is a transcription of the lyrics as Bratsch sing them:

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2 thoughts on “Nane tsoxa – I’ve no skirt

  1. You’re once again dearly welcome , John.
    It’s sad for me to recall that Ari danced truly well, with great charm, all her life . In my opinion, even better that the girl in the video – without any real recognition for her talent beyond the trivial applauses for other circumstantial reasons (always displeasing to me !!!)


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