Plain, homely eroticism as a consolation and remedy – Four samples in four hues

As far as I can recall, I began to feel a conscious attraction for human bodies around me very early in life, quite before puberty. I only knew in some detail (not much, but at least wholly) the bodies of my closest relatives: parents, sister; and a couple of friends from school. It didn’t matter if they were masculine or feminine or uncertain –or poorly defined, given the short age of some of us–; I liked them and this drove me to like my own body as well.

Showing our nudity or not is an election we have, and a very fair one. At my home, nudity was not a taboo or something to be ashamed about; I could stay naked after sharing a bath with my mother, as she herself did, or play naked in the garden or sleep naked like my parents and my sister did, and thus I could appreciate that humans (like all other animals on earth) are very well made; and also beautifully made.

Naturally, I didn’t know what sexual relationships were until I was thirteen or fourteen, but I knew about sensuality and the pleasure (not forbidden at home) of experimenting and –later on, soon– fondling with my own body.

This innocence and plainness did not last much, mostly due to my schoolmates, and also TV and media in general (no internet back then, yet). Many things I learnt contradicted my feelings and my natural intuition, and made me insecure –even unhappy–: prejudices, bigotry, manipulation, marketing and, in general, lies… but my admired view over unspoiled, healthy human bodies has never changed and still helps me a lot to feel alive, active, grateful and in harmony with this difficult world.

Sex is inescapable, absolutely basic for existence, but eroticism, unlike simple sexual activity, is a psychological quest to a higher life; it overlaps with spirituality in many aspects: beauty, ethics, culture and art… It is the stuff of dreams, a way to transcendence.

For Plato, Eros might have been this when he wrote: “the true order of going to the things of love, is to use the beauties of earth as steps to all fair forms, and from fair forms to fair actions, and from fair actions to fair notions, until from fair notions one arrives at the notion of absolute beauty”.

No need to resort to great artists, elaborate representations or -much less- to explicit samples of sexual intercourse to feel that awakening power of Eros. It is often around us, and to my personal appreciation, the simpler the image, the deeper the effect.

For this post I have restricted to the feminine body -and to photography as a medium-, but of course I’ve chosen carefully the pictures and edited them in a way to almost eliminate the distraction of colours -or at least, of polychromy- to better show the beauty of forms and postures; and in one case, of a bodily function as well (I do hope not to upset anybody with it).

[My comments on the pictures are very accessory and insignificant; just my own frank opinion or knowledge about them.]

1. Young woman shot in a casual moment (probably after making love; but still aroused):


Escalfant llet de bon matí – Heating some milk early at morning

2. A most special, long-legged girl taking her stockings off in the bedroom. A curtain behind her helps to delineate part of the back:


Noia traient-se les mitges – Girl taking her stockings off – ©XI7Y-KPNX-L4MH-QW2D

3. Perfectly contoured navel, hips and thighs -and some very cheap, but cute, panties. This is erotic and arousing in itself, but the unseen knee put over some unseen table and the suggested playing with the chair add up to an irresistible effect:

Cantell de cadira de cuina – Kitchen’s chair rim

4. This girl down here is not lactating during pregnancy or after it (just a bit high on progesterone from time to time; like here), but her nipples are sending a powerful message:


Leaking breasts (to be licked, etc.) – ©844W-X4D9-ZVWS-Z11P



All texts, and pictures second and fourth, are registered and protected. The edition and artwork on the other two are mine as well. Registered & Protected  XI7Y-KPNX-L4MH-QW2D

12 thoughts on “Plain, homely eroticism as a consolation and remedy – Four samples in four hues

  1. Yep 🙂 But also our bodies are wonderfully made machines to harbour and shelter a soul . If it’s good to show the soul , we might as well show and enjoy our bodies without any shame . My own parents taught me this and I -we- tought it was a fair teaching

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  2. There is nothing I can add par to your most eloquent narrative here. I’m afraid my own childhood experiences were much the opposite of yours, having been raised with the all too typical American taboo superstitions and repercussions. That is probably why I’ve never, even yet, been very open in talking about sexuality. Again, Thank you for sharing this, brother !

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    1. How queer that my parents were really open-minded and advanced persons in part thanks to the influence of the beatnik and hippy movement mainly developing in California and other places of the USA !… Another point is that our parents were very young when they had me (my mother was not yet 20, and in every aspect still a child -and a rebelious one, since she went away from her home and married against her own parents will). Ari and I were very fortunate to have two free and unconformist spirits to raise us and educate us . I think that my sister would have not survived to any conventional and traditional couple of those times (perhaps not even I 🙂


  3. Absolutely loved this post. From your delivery, to your sentiments and the pictures are quintessentially erotic. Just a really fine effort. Thank you for putting such obvious hard work into this share

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  4. Reblogged this on Bound in the Backyard and commented:

    I posted this in 2016 on my first blog, and now I feel all the featured girls in it deserve another chance (aside of another, more open-minded audience).
    I know (or knew) two of these three girls, but I did love both of them. Not just because they were pretty; but because they were good and, in fact, wonderful.
    One of them was my late sister; God bless her ! 💜


      1. … Many did not accept nudism back then, and we were considered freaky hippies, and maybe pervs by some. Now I recall this as a privilege, at least while my Dad was there, because he defended us all. When he left, all went astray.


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