For my little firefly’s sake: many thanks and some tulips to her true friends!

Something Beyond

By Li Fontrodona

Six tulips (I guess they are tulips): one for each of the six persons who have commented at least once here, on my late sis’s blog, during its ten months of existence, while she was here to look and count. She felt a bit disappointed for her scarce online success in spite of her considerable effort, her poetic talent, great kindness displayed, and much time spared, and in spite of having posted links to her WP posts on social networks for her friends and acquaintances to follow… and, last but not least, in spite of having mailed links privately to some peers.

My understanding of this is two-folded: 1/ she did not belong to this crazy online world; 2/ she stated her transgender condition at the very header of the blog –even showing the trans-pride flag.

What about the dozens of LGBTQI people she had met online…

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2 thoughts on “For my little firefly’s sake: many thanks and some tulips to her true friends!

  1. Thank you dear Li! It is a self evident statement on what has become of this self righteous, judgmental, cold-hearted so called humanity that you should even have to write these words.
    God bless you brother, and my dear Ariti!

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  2. God bless you too , my brother ! Ariti is now – in many ways fortunately – beyond this cold-hearted underworld , but also tightly linked with love to some beautiful souls still here , like you . Tight hugs John !


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