Colouring body and soul, while in deep pleasure (I)


A first sample of a new project: “Photo-editing body and soul”.
So far, 23 variations on a single original quite bad photography. This is the 5th one in three different framings. I will post the rest if I do not change my mind about it : )

(Please, to everybody who may dislike explicit sexual intercourse and anal sex, do not scroll down below the first picture and let’s all be free and comfortable !)








TgHk_ ret ed _Mod5 rv bottm tg
Pleasure 3C


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11 thoughts on “Colouring body and soul, while in deep pleasure (I)

  1. Thank you so much for your support, bro ! I love you 😉 I will probably show all the many-coloured sequence in a few days. (Much merit goes to the strong and steadfast man here, because these photo sessions are quite long and intimidating; … easier for us girls).


  2. The ecstasy and pleasure are quite cleat in the girl’s face, arched back and hands positioning. This is truly stunning – and if someone is uncomfortable with pleasure… well, it’s their loss.🌟🐞💜

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    1. It is indeed :)) Endorphin, oxytocin…, all the chemistry of sex and pleasure is a wonder of nature, and the sources are several to choose from; all wonderful.


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