Girls in balconies and other high places, by Pascal Campion

This is a personal, very short selection of works by Franco-American illustrator Pascal Campion. He, besides being one of the great, nowadays, is extremely prolific, and as far as I know, he publishes a new work every day since twelve years ago…: some 3000+ to this day ! Of course, I have not seen them all. They are diverse in style and in intention, but the general level of quality is, in my humble opinion, very high (and surprisingly so, given his speedy work).

Again, I am too pressured by my own tasks offline to comment on the individual illustrations, and I resign to simply show them to my few, but very dear, followers, with the hope of making them nod and smile with some delight while watching the artworks. This is their best attribute: they make us nod and smile, and often feel personally touched or involved : )

Furthermore, that artist obviously likes lone girls; likes cats and dogs and birds; believes in love and is very aware of the importance of our individual souls within the crowds of the big messy metropolis. We may be lonely, but never lost. We are lovable, and findable…







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8 thoughts on “Girls in balconies and other high places, by Pascal Campion

    1. It is warm breath 🙂 I don’t know the city, but it seems that the artist lives is San Francisco (where I have never been, so I cannot opine). Anyway, several of his urban drawings look a lot like Paris.
      Thanks dearly for the ever-kind comments, Dear ❤ !!! (((KISSIES)))


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