Portrait from Beyond

Some portraits remain in the memory no matter how long ago they were taken. To me, this is one of them. It tells me, and reminds me, of beauty seldom seen before or after. It is a picture of an angel, gone but still very present. Truly memorable.

Even if, as R. M. Rilke wrote in one well-known elegy: “… beauty is nothing but the beginning edge of the dread we may barely endure, object of our awe because it disdains to annihilate us.”, we long for that “dread” all the time; even aspire to be burnt and destroyed by such a beauty.

In part I mean that whoever has ever met a true angel in their life, is bound for endless suffering.

Beauty is dreadful indeed…


Ari F 1_97 RET inv6 +gr WP_2
Blue-faced, silver-haired girl gazing upwards (detail)

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7 thoughts on “Portrait from Beyond

    1. Yes… fallen for a while, but angelic anyway –and as you say, angelical from tip to toe; exquisitely made (really, not a bad job, having done it herself to a considerable exent :!!)
      This pic is very especially fine, anyway (is art!). One of the very best she ever inspired.

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        1. I do belive some angels are here among us, yes… I also think Ari could be one of them. For good and for bad, she was other-worldly and haunted the lives of everyone who knew her — and then she secluded herself, and soon she died.

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            1. Thank you again 💐 ✨ , but the mirror knows she was unique. Around me there is much beauty indeed as well; I agree with this.
              Much love and nice thoughts in some extremely busy days here :!!

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