Ari’s sailboat on my table – (to navigate across time)

Ari (Ariel in full; Arishej online) was my younger sis, and a truly lovely and outstanding girl she was!

After some years of retirement and solitude, she came back to social life about 2014, made new friends and had a couple of casual, short-lasting relationships until she became engaged just while spending her final months at my home in Catalonia. She was ill and felt sick by then, but was content and hopeful half of the time (no need to talk about the other half; and better I do not). So, inspired by her new love, I gave her this cardboard boat I had made some time before.

In May 2016 I just wished her a happy sailing to her future life as a housewife. To be frank, I did not like the idea of her going abroad, since her fiancé was from far-away and I have become lazy for travelling, but anyway I was happy she could have another fair opportunity in life, wherever it was.

Ari did not make it through her illness and went away a couple of months later, so her love-boat remains at my home.

Here I show views of this little carboard toy under the light and with the colours she said she always encountered in the other-worldly sceneries of her regressions, be they from past lives or from her atemporal life between lives; that is: the light and colours of her Akashic memories and, perhaps, of the very heaven she might inhabit right now and evermore.

(I also show one of the original pictures as taken, so you may appreciate how charming her world could look in comparison.)


La Barca de l'Amor -3r TG
Ariel’s sailboat in Akashic hues – 3r


Ari became a deeply spiritual person in her last years. She was from old very witchy as well, as she could read my thoughts and do some even more unbelievable things; so have no doubts she might, one day, leave me a message in the boat – the same way that I wrote words of alleged witchcraft and power on the cardboard it is made with. 

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22 thoughts on “Ari’s sailboat on my table – (to navigate across time)

  1. hello my beautiful Li ,you can write me through your new blog at least I can get through the phone. I use the computer very little and I can not see your new blog. a kiss wherever you want.

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    1. Ciao, Marcello 🙂 I’m glad to meet you again. Could you explain me what’s the issue with my new blog, that you cannot see it? :/
      I take the kiss 💋, and give it back ✨ 💋

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      1. you answered me through invisible forms. you should also make me just one like through your new blog to get a chance to enter. through your invisible blog forms I can not have your friendship. I’m not very technological ahahahah …. I’m an old man. I like your new blog Lia to die for. I’ll give you another kiss, honey 💋

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        1. It’s strange since you are already following my new blog from the very beginning… Try to enter it from the direct link:
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          I’ve also sent an invitation to your private email right now 🙂 — You will tell me if something of this works. Bacini, caro amico !!

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            1. You are very sweet following me and treating me with affection. Baccio le tue labbra (I do hope this seems not something strange in Italia between friends!) 💋

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        1. Done :))
          With respect to my following, I just can do it from my profile as i do now, since both blogs are equally adscribed to it (and to the same email address)

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