(Not so) Shy homely eroticism as reassurance and, somehow, defiance

I am following up an old post (“Plain, homely eroticism as a consolation and remedy – Four samples in four hues”) I published more than a year ago on this blog; feeling now in the right mood again –not really joyful, but enjoying as usual to play with digital photo-edition; playing as well with social correctness–. Of course there has been a previous, more blatant and amusing play while posing for some of the shots.

A somewhat philosophical reflexion about eroticism as a way to personal improvement and as a spiritual quest is still available in the post linked above.

First two pics in the first set of four show colours I like much and quite satisfactory textures for the original shot, which I won’t show entirely here, since it involves some excessive naugthiness for WordPress (I mean anal stimulation, which is nothing blameworthy, but not authorized here –or so I guess).

I showed three very pretty women’s bodies (one of them exquisitely transfeminine) in the former blog-post; now I restrict to trans-persons who are still on transition but  already feminine enough, and as appealing as any woman; just look:

1- Playing on the kitchen’s floor


Next two images are slightly less cropped (but not yet censurable) :

LF 4493 1b tg_ret adj blue ret bis xl x700-utg Poster8
Playing on the kitchen’s floor – arctic/psychodelic mod

LF 4493 1b tg_ret adj blue ret bis xl x700 rev br
Playing on the kitchen’s floor – chocolate mod

2- The unseen bicycle below

There was a bicycle below that jewelled bottom. There was also a nice, quite long ride on a non smooth pavement. According to empiric and truly reliable experience, the best possible bareback ride with this equipement (short short-skirt, small thong and plug), is as a passenger on a motorbyke. Any person daring enough to try it will choose her preferred driver to tightly hug meanwhile 🙂 (Just, please, use adequate footwear, to stay well-supported, and wear a full helmet!; no kidding. Show your legs and  buttocks, your sparkling butt, and enjoy the arousing you will feel and will probably provoke, but do not ever risk your head!)

(What I most appreciate of this shot is the perfectly depilated bottom. I also like that it looks nice and puzzling at the same time, especially when seen cropped like in the second instance. The thing I do regret is the twist in the right strip of the thong, unwillingly caused when pulling it down for the photo.)

Plugged Booty on a Bike_nat uncropp_filtr 2-2 RET2 t-163
Ready for a bike ride (indigo mod)

Plugged Booty (well depil)_ no filtr natural 2
Ready for a bike ride (natural colours – frag.)

3- Very short (eight inches) skirt – high socks

This next, much shyer, picture comes from an older page of my blog (“Shyly Erotic Posing – 2017”), but now I show a different variant of the original shot, in slightly darker colours. Most of the eroticism here is tacit, implied by the title and the posture of the hands upon the lap. The truly shortie miniskirt helps as well.

(Two considerations: the hands look slimmer than real thanks to their position and the long sleeves half-covering them; the thighs look rather fuller (and sexier –so I’ve been told–) than real also due to the sitting position and the point of view. I Love good photographers ✨.)

Sat down, a little bit aroused_ret +y darker filtr 2-2
Sat down, a little bit aroused (darker blue)

And now, in magenta (which is my dearest colour) and sepia, showing how truly short that skirt is 🙂 , a better view of those socks and sleeves and some glimpse of the panties; all snowy white and bright.

Happy New Year 2018 to all my good friends and remaining followers ❤


Laid_1280 RET +y filbr 2-3 enf _t+141 3
Laid on bed, waiting


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25 thoughts on “(Not so) Shy homely eroticism as reassurance and, somehow, defiance

    1. 🙂 In some of the pictures. There are two different tgirls here (and the one you could like best is a buddy of mine. Hahaha!!)
      I tell you again: you do not have to excuse for anything you kindly ask 💐 – *Kisses* 💜
      (Oh, and if you want to see more simple and homely pics of me, you may have a look at my other blog, since I’m going to post there more freely, dressed and undressed.)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I take it 🙂
          (Just, please, be careful not to become too fond of me, because I’m in tough times and in need; I mean you seem to me a nice man, and I am (I have to be) rather a trap nowadays. An educated one, but one anyway.) 💙 💜

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I take the kiss again, dear 🙂
              Look: I do not want at all to get free from you!! (Why??? – You are gentle, flattering and interesting, and I can exercise my scarce Italian :))
              No… I just had an access of honesty about my dark way now.
              💋💋 !!

              Liked by 1 person

        1. Grazie mille! I’m still worried about some of them, because they might make me look as too randy and exhibitionist. Somehow, I am, but also I’m trying to vindicate my transition and my being still androgynous. It’s not easy to show that persons not entirely feminine can be “normal”, friendly and even a bit good looking and worthy to be loved…
          (Mi sento grata e lusingata dai tuoi complimenti, Marcello. Grazie di cupre 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ma non ti devi giustificare Lixie anche se se benissimo che molti non capiscono o non vogliono capire. Per me te sei bella….come donna e molto femminile . So che per te è difficile ma tu devi solo raccogliere il positivo. Un bacio mia cara 💋

            Liked by 1 person

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