Never cry wolf if you called it. Let it seize you. (Joyfully contributing to portrait the future)

This pic below is not a selfie, and it is not blurred –or not much–; it is not made in my home, either. It is part of a casual shot (among a set of them) that once became a reasonable advertising pic.

In fact, it has nothing special, nor out of the most ordinary human appearance, be it feminine or masculine (difficult to ascertain here, isn’t it…? 🙂 ) However, I’ve been told the image has appeal (probably due to the posture and attitude shown: knees folded and open, panties pulled down, booty in a blatant, frankly receptive presentation. It irradiates readiness, and a sense of an immediate, or at least rather prompt action of mating; which is just what happened, and what the picture captured convincingly. So, in the mind of the eventual watcher, this pictured body will have movement, will rise and move somewhat forward, will go back and down again, will be taken…; it will include a more o less prolonged –surely more than less– portion of its true future.

Booty on the coutch t-93 s+5 cl brs x1140
Ready and waiting

(To anybody interested in gender-mixed, or gender-variant or bi-gendered, booties and bodies in general, this is a follow-up of another post: HERE.

— Also, to all who have given up following my blog or commenting on it due to the free-spirited, deviant, unashamed and barely censored nature of several posts and pages, I miss you, but I think it is better you are gone, both for your sake and for mine.)

Here is a bluer, brighter and slightly naughtier mod:

Booty to seize t-93 s+5 cl brs x1140 mod2
Ready and waiting – mod 2


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