Wales Online: Peaceful Catalans bullied by Madrid

Thanks heartily to Mr. Alfred de Zayas from UNO for sharing this article, as well as posting many other personal judgements and statements in favour of our national rights, so severely violated by Spain – as usual since centuries ago.

I think adequate to further illustrate this resharing with an ad hoc painting by Catalan artist Antoni Tàpies. (If you are interested in it, its meaning and its procedence, you may have a look at a post I published years ago in Catalan on my personal blog on :

CAVALL FORT Núm. 82 (Gener,1967) (red_ret) (2)
Antoni Tàpies – Portada per a CAVALL FORT, Núm. 82 (Gener,1967)


Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner


Peaceful Catalans bullied by Madrid

Many people were shocked to see the brutality of the Madrid police, pulling people by their hair out of a polling station in an effort to stop them voting for independence.

Spanish people see nothing wrong in the brutality of the bullfight, when the bull is tormented for a long time and then wounded in the neck and shoulder such that it cannot fight any more, so we have an unfair fight. In this country we stopped bear-baiting 200 years ago.

Catalan people have turned their backs on bullfighting. They are a civilised people with their own language, and wish to govern themselves and achieve this by non-violent means. It is Madrid that resorts to violence. In Madrid the police supporters were shaking their clenched fists in a threatening way. But in Barcelona the Catalans were waving their open hands in a friendly…

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8 thoughts on “Wales Online: Peaceful Catalans bullied by Madrid

  1. I hate that this continues to happen for you, sis. Freedom is such a precious thing, more than just a gift. It is something to be truly treasured…..I will continue to pray and remain hopeful and confident that Catalonia finally divorces itself from an unwanted marriage and prospers even more so without Spanish interference and control…..

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    1. Back here to answer you better 🙂 I’m really grateful for your words of empathy and good will !
      As much as I like it (in its first sense, and in a friendly way), I do hate being nastily ‘hooked’ now in every other sense by these fascists. Their ill-will is unending and their lust for revenge and humiliation has no easy tale… =((
      Big hug to you, hunky boy 🙂 Thanks again for mattering about me !

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      1. I just got finished reading an article on Yahoo about Catalonia’s fight for independence, and it is so sad how many people even outside of Spain don’t want it to happen, because once Catalonia leaves, other provinces may also do so and leave Spain in the dust economically. Catalonia seems to be contributing quite a bit in taxes to Spain, and its secession could greatly and quickly drive Spain into the poor house. The Antifa movement is apparently taking shape there as well, which I’m sure doesn’t help matters. I will keep praying and hoping for the best, sis…..big hugs to you as always!!!! =)

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        1. Thanks a lot for your interest, John. We’ve been some 500 years like this, but now is time for us to suffer personally. Too many bad things to explain, anyway… And the best never really happens. The hugs are still worthy, anyway 🙂 !

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