Guest Post: Living with Disabilities and D.I.D. – (From the Blog of Carol Anne)

A Guest Post by Carol Anne — This is a deeply touching and most valuable post, and I think it might help a couple of persons I know more or less, that have similar issues or experiences (in the collective of bi-gender, genderfluid and transgender persons I belong in, D.I.D. is not uncommon. Much more uncommon, and much tougher, is its association with blindness as is Carol Anne’s case.

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[You will find Carol Anne’s blog here: Therapy Bits – The process of going through psychotherapy]

Discovering Sooz

Hi everyone. my name is Carol Anne.
I am an alter in a dissociative system. For those of you who don’t know what that means, basically it means I share my body with others, alter personalities, I am dissociative, I have what is known as DID – dissociative identity disorder, Which begins from early trauma, severe child abuse in my case.

D.I.D – Dissociative Identity Disorder is described on the MIND mental health charity website as-
Dissociative identity disorder (DID)Dissociative identity disorder used to be called ‘multiple personality disorder’.

  • If you have dissociative identity disorder you will experience severe changes in your identity.
  • Different aspects of your identity may be in control of your behaviour and thoughts at different times.
  • Each of your identity states may have different patterns of thinking and relating to the world.Your identity states may come across as different ages and genders.
  • You may feel you…

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