Some Hot Guys Wear Flowers, and Ballet Flats

This is my first post about clothing and fashion on this blog. Perhaps I am doing wrong, but as I have been publishing some Polyvore’s sets from my sister on her blog, and nowadays I am modifying my dressing habits, coming out (again, after two decades) as a bigendered —or agendered?— person, and also publishing some posts about gender, transgenderism, androgyny…, and even (pan)sexuality, it seems not completely inadequate to do so.

Some people in my close circles are freaking out with this, but I must say that absolutely all of my Internet friends and acquaintances have taken it in the best possible way: with kind respect and, in several cases, even with affectionate acceptance. Thank you heartily!

Wearing feminine clothes and footwear is more expensive —generally speaking—, but also much more stimulating, enjoyable, diverse and creative in every aspect, from the very moment of beginning to think on what to wear. Naturally, it’s also more time-consuming. So, I have got somehow in a mess 🙂

I ought to apologize for the title of the post, since I am not a “hot guy”, but a mid-aged, jobless, strayed, depressed and a little obsessed weirdo… Seriously! But wearing flowery clothes, some colourful lipstick and eye-shadow, and poppies on the ears does help to lift one’s spirits, even if some people look at me with noticeable contempt or disdain.

Polyvore outfit no. 42, by Li Fontrodona

I cannot resist now to post a drawing of a loving (and hot 🙂 guy, by God*Bird, and, below, of some ballet-like flats from my sis that I’m wearing often now with much satisfaction and a continued warmth and fondling on my feet, since she wore them much and I can feel the touch (and a bit the sweet smell, still present) of her lost feet when I put the shoes on mine.

Untitled drawing by God*Bird

[You may find this work and many others on their website at: –

Ariel’s lovely flats (now mine):

Twice lovely ballet flats

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