Hearty Apologies


I heartily apologize to my followers and to every person who has ever liked or commented some of my posts, or somehow mattered about this blog (also my late sis’), for not being much active and responsive lately.

I’m sorry to miss your publications and fail to be in contact with most of you. I’m psychologically unwell and, at the same time, trying to find a new job (since I lost my habitual one months ago). I am tired, stressed and lacking time to be here or even read the email adverts about your new posts.

In truth, in my spare whiles, I take refuge back in the past with my memories of persons that I miss a lot.

After having tried to keep in touch with some of you; more or less, I must say I am incapable to do it well.

Thank you, best regards and my deep wishes to be back here as soon as I possibly can.


El darrer petò, a darrera hora

4 thoughts on “Hearty Apologies

  1. Take good care my friend. We will all be right here when you are feeling better and ready to resume your blog. Ari always considered YOU her guardian and hero. Do not think there was a time you weren’t with her in some regard. You were. She knew that and I’m sure, even now, is grateful. I couldn’t be, other than online messages, and I will always hate that…….God bless, bro!!!! Feel better soon!!!!

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    1. All that is truly kind of you, bro. It’s not that I’m leaving the blogs entirely; only limiting my posting and, especially, my reading of our followers posts (but not yours!… I’ll always read whatever you publish :-).
      About Ari and I, things were not always as you believe. There were periods when we had issues and let some distance or estrangement grow between us -mainly from my side.
      I continue to appreciate very much your affection and kindest wishes!! God bless you and yours as well, John! Big Warm Hugs!

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