Another special post: a recommendation and a plea – On Gender Variability

After trying to call your attention, two days ago, to an article in The New York Times about politics and human rights in my native country -Catalonia-, I feel now the urge to publish this short note about National Geographic‘s latest special issue: GENDER REVOLUTION.

Certainly I do not want to convert this blog of mine into a kind of social network wall; but these two instances seem justified to me. Even more this present one, which I am posting in the first place for my late sister’s sake (who was a transgender kid and teen herself, decades ago, in much less favourable times for all of them, wherever they lived). I do it also in my name, since I have my own, different, gender issues.

Explaining myself a bit about these matters and contributing to divulgate transgender and gender-variance issues is my duty as much -and even much more- as it is my right. So, please -to those who are not yet informed enough-, read this issue of National Geographic (and to those -be them followers or casual readers- who have much larger audiences than I have or my sister had, I would be most grateful if you could reshare the magazine, the post or the link below).


A direct link to the online content of one of the articles is this:

Thank you very much for your attention !

Transgender Pride Flag Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

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