A Pictorial Tribute – Delvaux’s “Ari”, and a sort of family portrait

Rosine by Paul Delvaux (1968 -oil on canvas) – Fragment

The first time I watched “Rosine” –an oil by the Belgian surrealist painter Paul Delvaux, from 1968– I said to myself “this tall, slim girl with the red hat and the fan looks very much like Ariel”. As a matter of fact, quite a few women in Delvaux’s paintings of the two last decades have a noticeable resemblance of my sister, but that one in “Rosine” was just ersatz (at least, seen –as is the case– from the side and a little from behind). [You may see the complete painting in my second post on P. Delvaux over here.]

Not many of these young (perhaps teenaged) women wear such a distinctive red hat, however; only one as far as I’m aware of: the shiniest figure in “Hommage à Jules Verne”, from 1971. That one looks younger than Rosine, and is accompanied by a equally young boy and another girl (or boy?) in a second plane, turned backwards.

That painting was once regarded by Ariel herself, fancifully, as a “portrait de famille avant l’heure” (a family portrait before its time), figuring her, her partner and me. Now it makes me think, rather more, of an allegorical triple portrait of her at puberty (even if she never had much pubic hair -which was blond, aside of scanty- and her eyes were light grey). The ship on sea, at the left hand side, would represent departure, since she is physically gone now.

Because of it, and due to the symbolic position of magenta midway between blue and red, its extra-spectral nature and Ariel’s own taste for it, I have edited the painting’s colours to show magenta-hued skins:

Tribute 2 (detail in magenta): Delvaux’s Ari

Here down is a larger fragment with its original colours:

Hommage à Jules Verne by Paul Delvaux (1971 – fragment of right half)

[You may also see the complete painting in my second post on P. Delvaux over here.]

And now, to end this humble tribute to Ariel, I must add the header picture in full, since the design of my pages does not allow a complete view:

Tribute 1 (detail in magenta hues): – Delvaux’s Ari

Here down I show a portion of an actual picture of Ari as shot some nine years ago (it is personal and has a copyright, so, please, do not copy it!) :

Pink and blue nipples in bloom -3 tg
Slim torso and waist – nipples in bloom (mg mod)

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.

(Of course, the pictures of the original paintings by Delvaux are of public domain; not so my own edited versions.)

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