Edward McCartan (II) – Some daring elegance

This is a second gallery with carefully selected and adequately presented images of sculptures by Edward Francis McCartan (Albany, NY, 1879-1947), among the big lot that one may find on the Web -many of them with low resolution and wrong captions.

I will add very few comments (if any) and explanations about them in this post, since I fairly think that the works speak by themselves, and do it eloquently.

I have chosen three bronzes:


Diana and Hound, 1920, in the Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, Wisconsin:

Diana and Hound (1920 – bronze – lat. left)

Diana and Hound (1920 – bronze – front)

Another Diana (with another hound) of a smaller size and slightly more stylised, with slimmer and taller figures, both the woman and the dog. (This sculpture belongs to a private collection) :

Edward McCartan Tutt'Art@
Diana with hound (1922 -bronze; heigh: 58.4 cm)

Isoult, with a dove, 1926 – National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.:

Isoult (1926 – bronze; overall size: 211 x 124.5 x 74 cm)

Isoult (1926 – bronze – front)

Isoult (1926 – bronze – head)

This post is a follow-up of another one in this same blog. You may watch it here:

Edward McCartan (I) – The gentle eroticism

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