Music for Ariel and my Romani elders – Ravel’s ‘Tzigane’


I must say, to begin with, that I am sharing these posts (Music for Ariel) exclusively for Ariel’s sake and mine. She loved this music and I’m listening to it very often now when I feel alone at home. That’s all.

This performance of Ravel’s “Tzigane” was shared by my sister on 3rd Aug 2016, ten days before her death with this following caption:


 “A favourite piece by a favourite interpreter: Maurice Ravel’s Tzigane played by Maxim Vengerov (violin) and the Moscow City Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dmitri Jurowski.
-As it’s inspired by traditional folk music of the Rromani people, and as yesterday we commemorated the Porrajimos Memorial Day, please, listen to it with great respect and a remembrance of the more than half million Rroma assassinated by the nazis (‘Dav len amran!’)
A while later, that same day, she answered to a comment of mine (mentioning another recording, by Itzhak Perlman with Zubin Mehta; and also the lady who appears playing the second first violin, at the right behind Vengerov, at 0:35 onwards, and also at 2:44, in the video that she posted):
“Perlman brings out some deeper feeling of melancholy in the long opening section, more beauty and sweetness, but less grief and much less distress. Different understandings, both equally worthy.
About the woman, I’ve noticed! She looks much like ‘daj’, yes!!”
Now, the video for her, our father, our grandparents and all our late folk (including our beloved ‘daj’ in spite of her being not Romani):

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