In love with this porcelain-like skin

A youth in stockings and a robe, in a cold light, with two slightly different framings and shades (the first, bluer and colder and also a bit more cropped).

The person posing has this immaculate, satinated, rosy-white, almost translucent skin, and the perfect tenderness of flesh manifest on the hips and at the border of the stockings. Beautiful.

You might feel the wish of untying that string they wear and also opening more that robe…, which is an important aim of both the model and the photographer: to inspire some interaction from the viewer’s side. A following shot with that thong untied and fallen down seemed almost compulsory –and it was done-, but a frank view was discarded. Breast and buttocks were pictured, but, in the end, the most inciting image among many is this very one, where nothing is seen and anything lies in the imagination of the viewer; something more is coveted just because it is unseen.

Although this person is a real turn-on, nude or dressed, this particular point of undressing feels especially arousing, doesn’t it? … (The model declares themself genderless, but they are not at all sexless 🙂 )


Rosy-skinned boy in a cold light -bl+



Rosy-skinned boy in a cold light -gr+


15 thoughts on “In love with this porcelain-like skin

    1. Oh ! I thank you a lot ✨ ! Talking of beauty, a big compliment from you is priceless. A big hug, fondly !
      (BTW, I am not able to enter and see your blog anymore, since months and months ago :// — I’m half recalling I told you so already, somewhere, but I seize the occasion to ask you again – What should I do ? …)

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    1. Mostly breathtaking, and it hurts a lot. But it is as it is. I, my late sister, other people, and now this youth I’ve met, have all been into this frustrating mess. We have been often making it, or very close to. But then, there is something that goes wrong, some questions that have not a likeable answer, many rejected proposals, and more. For example: a foggy complaint about prostitution in public places for this newcome girl; about tax offenses for Ari; about other issues -not to be told here- for me. Not much glorious, Liz… but quite hideous instead.

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  1. Oh, Love… I’m saddened that so many are as closed minded or frightened of you (and your sister and others) as they are. If they actually got to know YOU, they’d learn there was little to be afraid of – except a razor sharp wit when needed! 💖💜💙💚💛🧡❤

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  2. Thanks again, Liz !! Sometimes, I wish others would be much more frightened of us (if it’s true that they are at all). At least, enough to get well away from our lives. The good thing is that we are many now…, I see it everywhere, and some day we’ll be legions and will obtain actual power –by fear o not 🙂

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    1. One day, I truly have hope that humans will see each other as HUMANS and not this sex or the other, this faith or the other, this skin color, yadda yadda. Honestly – it’s not like we’re different species!


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