Anasyrma as an ephemeral art

Anasyrma (ἀνάσυρμα) is an ancient Greek term for “skirts-up”, the act of lifting one’s skirt or robe to publicly expose the naked buttocks or genitals –be them masculine, feminine or somewhat mixed.

It is a kind of performing art, but also a way of intimidation, protest and, even, a superstitious device to ward off a curse, a menace or any possible supernatural enemy. In the Celtic, some Balkanic and some Chinese folklore, it was reputed to be good for scaring away whirlwinds, lightning and the like. Of course, it does not work this way, but it brings fun to try a bit, and it may inspire some colorful pictures, like these below:


Anasyrma as an art form Street-walk 1b_ filtr - 1






It may be sluttish, done outdoors or in a public place, but it does not hurt anybody, and some clap and ask for another view –very few, seldom, call you names or make delicate questions.

At the end, a decent bottom does not call much attention, nowadays, and if so, is well accepted almost everywhere. Breasts and crotch are quite more conflictive, and so, true anasyrma implies showing them (but this will make for another post.)



7 thoughts on “Anasyrma as an ephemeral art

          1. That I understand far too well. I’m trying to reframe my failings, perhaps not as lackings on my part, but a nudge from the Universe to move in a new way.


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