Franz von Stuck (II) – Views of death and horror from the Gospel

As a follow-up of my scanty selection of works by the German (Bavarian) painter Franz von Stuck (1863 – 1928) ((Find them HERE)), I have chosen a Crucifixion, a Pietà and another very cruel scene from the the New Testament (Salome demanding and getting the Baptist’s head from King Herod II… Aughh!).

The paintings belong in different periods of Herr von Stuck creative career, but all of them show just as well the great talent of this not well known (or not well enough) artist; unfairly undervalued by not having adhered to any of the fashionable styles (all those -isms without number…) at the onset of 20th century. I personally have seen in the same aution in England a cubist “woman face” painted in half an hour (or less!) by a perfectly maquinal and uninvolved Picasso reach bids twenty times higher than truly worthy artworks by masters like von Stuck and others with lesser luck and favour in the often pathetic vanity fair of art-trade.

This time I will leave the images speak for themselves, since they do it so well! (Just click on them –especially the first one due to its awkward format for a WP post– to watch them as they deserve.


Pietà (1891)


[Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt, Deutschland]


Crucifixion (1913)


Franz Von Stuck - Crucifixion2 (2)
Crucifixion (1913 – tempera on canvas, 190 x 165 cm)

[Museum der Bildenden Künste – Leipzig, Deutschland]

Salome (1906)


[Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, Deutschland] Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

3 thoughts on “Franz von Stuck (II) – Views of death and horror from the Gospel

  1. I’m not arty clever, but his use of cool tones is absolutely stunning. I feel drawn in, wanting to add warmth to these images. Except for Salomé… That is the appropriate use of the phrase “stone cold bitch”.

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  2. I didn’t know this expression, but it seems really right here as you say 🙂 The “blue” Crucifixion is very good indeed and the Pietà is one of the most awesome images of Christ and his Mother I have ever seen. Very different than most other depictions of the matter. Extremely beautiful and moving to my eyes.
    Thanks a lot again for stopping by and commenting, Sis ! Now more than ever, when it seems that both of us are a bit more busy and under the weather than usual. (I keep on working some hours a day in exchange for a small salary and some help in domestic matters, but I’m not happy and also I have lost a considerable part of my past freedom.)
    ((Loving Hugs)) ❤ ✨ !

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    1. I don’t like that you’ve lost freedoms… But, you know I’m going to stop by and see what glories you share, and the histories thereof.
      Yes, busy season is here. Ick under the weather is here. Yet, it is worthwhile when I spend my time with those I 💗.

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