As Cute as They Get – Soft erotic drawings by Nitrile

Nitrile is the artistic name of a truly talented Russian (so I believe) illustrator, whose name I ignore as well.

Despite the title of this post, he uses to draw and paint cheeky nudes and openly sexual scenes, always featuring feminized boys. I have selected some lightly erotic artworks (sfw), since this is the line I have imposed myself on this blog. The first two ones are complete – and very good indeed! –. The last two are a bit cropped, but anyway they keep all their charm and show the great skill of the artist depicting faces; very pretty and seductive, by the way.

I discovered his artwork in and, soon, in Pixiv, NewGrounds and other places online, where you may watch it, including the nsfw pictures.

As for the ones here down, the first (Quiet Afternoon) is my favourite in many aspects –despite that left foot apparently suspended in the air–. The boy is a real cute and their attitude, charming. The expressionist way these plants are painted is also enjoyable, and the dominant pinky – peachy – orange shades, a nice accomplishment.


Nitrile 1--2608316 adj br0
Quiet Afternoon (or also “Leon”), by Nitrile



Nitrile_early_morning_shower adj1
Early Morning Shower, by Nitrile





3 thoughts on “As Cute as They Get – Soft erotic drawings by Nitrile

  1. I’m glad you like it, dear 🙂 I recommend that you search on NewGrounds, where you will find more and better resolution pics by this man.
    (I’m gonna send you a personal –though not of me; just made by me– BDSM pic privately tomorrow by mail, since I believe you will enjoy it)

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