A foxy Alice down the rabbit’s hole

I have no sympathy for Rev. Charles Dodgson –Lewis Carroll–, and his best-known books are not among my favourites, despite I sincerely recognize their quality and merit. But I like their main character: Alice –somewhat more in Wonderland than at the other side of the looking glass.

In fair tune with its first and deepest motivation, “Alice in Wonderland” contains many sexual allusions. It may be read in fact as a disguised fantasy of a conveniently refrained paedophile (rather misogynist with respect to grown women, anyway). Thus, all the lot of erotic illustrations this book has inspired in modern times is perfectly justified.

Among them, the works by Trevor Brown seem sometimes inadequate or too sadistic to my eyes, but some really please me. I like these two among them, both depicting the suggestive (and in fact, memorable) fall of Alice down the rabbit’s burrow:


alice_down_rabbit_hole T. Brown adj (2)
Alice falling down (by Trevor Brown)



alice adj T. Brown (2)
Alice down the rabbit’s hole (book cover for the wrong book…)


(I have chosen that initial fall of Alice, among many scenes painted by Brown, because I feel falling to unknown depths myself these late times (maybe the main difference is that in my case the “eat me” and “drink me” flasks are not in the bottom of the hole, but all around the entrance. A similarity is I wear equal stockings and very similar shoes sometimes –like many childish women do– and also some kind of violet skirts or dress –; plain white panties too, when I wear some.)


Trevor Brown (London, 1959) is an English artist based in Japan. His occasionally shocking and often controversial work explores paraphilia such as “lolicon”, “ero-guro”, pure gore, BDSM and other fetish themes. He has made many illustrations inspired on Carroll’s stories.

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