A quick note to throw away – (But you may keep the pictures)

There are over a thousand people already charged with “sedition” or “rebellion” in Catalonia by the kingdom of spain (and many more in risk of it or worse), and my buddy and mate is one of them, to the point of having to flee, vanish … disappear from my life for an unknown time. Which hurts much.
Pain and anger build up steadily  💊💊 ☠️ . And I’m sick and sinking. 💐 💔

Aside of it, I’ve felt pissed off and deeply humiliated by three spanish cops calling on today at home to inquire (not even holding a judicial order to come in), but they have not entered beyond the hall).

I feel, more or less, like this:

… To the point of leaving any available tulip, change clothes, put on some comfy sneakers, go down the stairs and run like spirited to the next farm, which is almost a mile away.

[I will try to comment on Fred Einaudi (a contemporary American painter) in a later post; he deserves it!]

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2 thoughts on “A quick note to throw away – (But you may keep the pictures)

    1. Thanks a lot Liz. I appreciate your concern and action very much, but let me ask you to remove that link on Facebook (for many reasons, and since long ago, it is not a place where my partner wants to be referred, even indirectly; as for me, I do no want either to be mentioned or tagged there). So please, Liz, not in FB!
      Said this, I hope you received my last comments on the thread we began days ago, and I send to you a big warm hug and my most hearty wishes! ❤ ✨ !


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