Recent Tragedies and How You Can Help

Help if you can, wherever you are. This most valuable post shows diverse ways and gives many links to the best available sites for addressing your support.

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These past few days and weeks we have witnessed a number of tragic natural disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Hurricanr Irma in the United States. Mexico has witnessed two tragic natural disasters, an 8.2 Earthquake and Hurricane Katia. On top of this there is the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, which is the largest humanitarian crisis since WWII.

Then there is also the genoicide of the Rohingya. This is also an ongoing problem that has escalated recently and I feel that it has not gotten enough media coverage. The Rohingya are a Muslim minority living in the Buddhist nation of Myanmar also known as Burma in Southeast Asia. Click here for a brief description of the crisis and here for a bit more detailed and thorough explanation.

All of these innocent people that are affected by these tragic natural disasters and man-made crisis…

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