Trans-magic for Real

–The picture just below, found on Tumblr, says: “Reality is an Illusion. And you are the Magician”.

I agree –many others agree as well, even if few really accept our particular “magic” (but they crave for it!…, and for us… Hypocrisy at its best. And you only need to have a look at Tumblr, among other uncensored social networks to notice this).

However, I would agree even more with the sentence of this meme reversed: “Illusion is a Reality. And you make it Happen”.

I agree - Found on Tumblr

So, here is my own version of the meme  –the model depicted is Stav Strashko– :

Stav Strashko (meme)

Before napping (in trans colours)-- ret5 cl WP t+13 s+19

[Oh… and the last pic shows some plain homely “magic”: a very cheap “pony” t-shirt and a pair of cheaper long socks –and the usual depilation–; just edited in trans-colours… Not bad, in all cases, for real persons with no elder wands…] Registered & Protected  49DI-EM0U-WACZ-TA99

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