A Pictorial Tribute (II) – Delvaux’s “Ari” better explained and illustrated

In a post here, and also in my sister’s blog, from past January 18th:  «A Pictorial Tribute – Delvaux’s “Ari”, and a sort of family portrait» , I commented on the resemblace between the young woman in red depicted by Paul Delvaux in “Rosine” (oil on canvas from 1968) and my younger sister, Ariel/Ari. I wrote: “this tall, slim girl with the red hat and the fan looks very much like Ariel. As a matter of fact, quite a few women in Delvaux’s paintings of the two last decades have a noticeable resemblance of my sister, but that one in “Rosine” is just ersatz (at least, seen –as is the case– from the side and a little from behind)”.

Since I put out the link, in the original text quoted above, to a photograph that somewhat justified the liking I am talking about, and since I do not think that many readers –if any– will ever review my posts from half a year ago, I feel pertinent to show this and other photographs overtly here.
But first, have a look at “Rosine”:


Rosine (1968 – oil on canvas)

And now, closer and better, with the colours Ari liked most:



Here down is an actual picture of Ari as shot some years ago, equally edited in pink, light blue and magenta hues:

(Just consider that the picture is personal and has a copyright; so, please, do not copy it 🙂 )



This is just a part –more or less one third– of a portrait showing a complete, fully alive human body with a pale and translucent skin that looks here like Chinese Ming porcelain. Even cropped, it holds beauty (a delicate sort of beauty that I truly like).

I post it also in its original colours (not exactly the natural ones, as seen through my eyes, but rather close), but I prefer the edited ones, enhancing the blues and pinks already present in the original:


ArF_0017 rev Breasts in bloom - budding nipples- TG
Slim torso and waist – Skin like china; (original)

[I have slightly edited the picture because I consider that these nipples in bloom, so full and high, asked for this particular hue; that the skin wanted to show even better the underlying pattern of veins. As for the cropping, it is just to favour the attention to the breasts, and make more noticeable the curves outlining the arms and torso. These, along with the fan, were the first details that captured my attention in the painting, and made me think of the similitude I am writing about. Regrettably, I have not found a single picture of Ari wearing a hat and holding a fan like “Rosine”… There should be some –at least a couple of them–, but anyway…]


Since this post is about art and beauty, I cannot help but adding a close photo of Ariel’s face and glance (not belonging to the same pic above, but shot the same day during the same modeling session), edited in three different colours:



If somebody wants to know why I show precisely these colours, the answer is that they were the ones I perceived just around her (and even on her) quite often:

Green – which goes for healing, nurturing and compassion. Blue – which goes for knowledge, intuition and forgiveness.

Pink, magenta and several purplish hues – which go for love, devotion and God’s Blessing.

[A fair part of any possible merit of the original pictures belongs to the make-up artist: Josep Blanch, from Barcelona, but most of the merit is the model’s, for her calm, panache and infinite patience all along the prolonged photo sessions; never losing her smile.]

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.

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14 thoughts on “A Pictorial Tribute (II) – Delvaux’s “Ari” better explained and illustrated

  1. Hi Anisioluiz2008 🙂
    Thanks for your ‘like’ and your following. I appreciate much your interest, but I would prefer you do not reblog this particular post due to its personal and familiar character. I just forgot to uncheck the Pingbacks & Trackbacks button (as I always do when posting photos of mine or my family) ; I wanted to do it yesterday, but I forgot. I really hope you understand my reasons 🙂 My best wishes! – Li


    1. Yes !! She loved all this world of posing and modeling. And she was very good at it indeed… A pity she couldn’t enjoy it a bit longer … Thank you so so much for all these innumerable occasions you size to praise her and honour her . I’m sure there will come a day when she will thank you directly and very warmly . Kisses, bro !!! 💋 ✨

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      1. It is always a pleasure and great joy to continue doing so, she is not one who should ever be forgotten. I’m sure as well there will be the day when I can do so face to face with her…..Hugs and kisses back to you, sis!!!!


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