Slowly Painting the Essence of Time – Antonio López García (II)

 –Fruits and flowers from the back garden–

The truth of painting is that of dreams made real. All the artist aims to do trough the image he presents us is to capture something which would vanish and cease to exist if it were not portrayed, with all its brilliance, its light and shades, its plenitude or its pettiness and the anguish of its irredeemable passing.

Antonio López García (Tomelloso, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, 1936) has managed like very few others to express this in his canvases: the ephemeral and the eternal; the essence of time; and he has made it with great modesty and the patience of a monk. Moreover, most of his dreams and visions have not been grandiose; not even big; not even peculiar… but the most current and quotidian in the plain life of a plain man.

In a previous article on this artist I showed some of the superb paintings he made of the bathroom of his atelier (do not miss them!). Now I have selected a few fruits and flowers from his back yard. First of all, here down is the yard itself, as painted in 1969:


And now one among several depictions of his dear quinces, still in the tree:

membrillero, 1961 adj1
Membrillero (1961 – óleo sobre tabla – 49.5 x 50 cm – Private collection)

A corner of the yard with lilies and a couple of pale roses, and afterwards an isolated rose near the brick wall:

[The heading image is a fragment of the first one posted here (The Back Garden) as coloured in blues, purples and pinks, just following my personal taste and –already– custom on this blog. I hope you like it.]

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10 thoughts on “Slowly Painting the Essence of Time – Antonio López García (II)

  1. As you have pointed out in the text above, the things painted by him perhaps denote he is a truly modest man, with no desire to impress anyone. There is greatness in that, and also it is probably the reason of his success!
    Nice post! 🙂

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        1. I see 🙂 Thanks for being here! ✨ – I love Studio Ghibli, but most of my posts relative to it or featuring their work -mainly Hayao Miyazaki’s- are on my sister’s blog. Maybe you have been there as well, since her blog and mine are profusely linked. In fact, mine is just a follow up of hers, just started after her passing.
          Best wishes 🙂 ❤

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