Views of the Fearsome Sea — The Great Oils of Winslow Homer — 1873 to 1909


A Gallery with dates and some references —but no comments for the present, except for the very last painting.

(If you like Homer, you may watch a collection of watercolours with marine subjects in a previous post of mine on this same blog: Views of the Grey Sea – Marine Watercolours by Winslow Homer – 1880 to 1890)

Homer The Herring Net (1885, oil) adj
The Herring Net (1885 – oil on canvas, 76.5 x 123 cm)

Winslow_Homer_-_The_Fog_Warning (oil 1885) adj2
The Fog Warning (1885 – oil on canvas, 76 x 122 cm)

WinslowHomer-Eight_Bells_1886 adj 2
Eight Bells (1886 – oil on canvas, 64.1 × 76.5 cm)

Homer - Breezing up (A Fair Wind) - 1873-76
Breezing Up [A Fair Wind] – (1873–76 – oil on canvas, 61.5 cm × 97 cm)

The Life Line -1884 - W. Homer (adj)
The Life Line (1884 – oil on canvas)

Lost_on_the_Grand_Banks -1885 adj
Lost on the Grand Banks (1885 – oil on canvas, 81 x 130 cm)

Sunlight_on_the_Coast (1890) adj3 +b
Sunlight on the Coast (1890 – oil on canvas, 76.9 x 123.3 cm)

Moonlight,_Wood_Island_Light 1280 adj3
Moonlight, Wood Island Light (1894 – oil on canvas, 78.1 x 102.2 cm)

Winslow_Homer_The_Gulf_Stream_-_Met_Museum_of_Art (1899) adj2
The Gulf Stream (1899 – oil on canvas, 71.5 × 124.8 cm)


The following one is Winslow Homer’s very last work. As my sister commented about it in an old post of her on G+: “This driftwood looks just like the last support — for a while — before making the big jump into the dark and cold.” In fact, several elements in the oil (including the albatross at the top right) suggest that the painter –who was then aged 73– might have intended for this to be his final work:

Driftwood 1909 adj1
Driftwood (1909 – oil on canvas – Homer’s very last work)

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