First Rules of Beauty

1- Everybody, disregarding physical appearance, may enhance and stir up their beauty by reading a lot – Then, take care of it: never stop learning.

[Inspired by this splendid illustration by Kristina Webb below (found in ) — You may check also:]

Drawing by Kristina Webb

2- But even more than on knowledge and culture, human beauty depends on kindness and sympathy; and that is why I add these pictures of several very different persons from around the world: all truly beautiful mainly because they are all beaming their sympathy and sincere joy:

Let me say that the illustration for the second part of this post has been inspired, just today, by a lovely set of pictures by a beautiful fellow blogger, that you may see here:

(You didn’t know, but you have made my day, Sooz 😉

3 thoughts on “First Rules of Beauty

    1. :)) I couldn’t help to include her. Not out of nepotism, but by her actual merit. As she mastered both of the rules I commented, she clearly deserved to appear in the post among the other beautiful persons I chose for it.
      Thanks a lot for the nice comment, bro! ❤

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