A peep into the objective, years ago

This may seem -it seems, indeed- a silly photograph with a clumsy framing, but I like it; most especially because it figures someone dear coming into view -and gladly so, when she is entirely out of the field now.

I see Ari often when I dream. Wishful dreaming, possibly… but I believe -I somehow know it- that she continues to exist somewhere, and that our respective worlds are linked to each other in a certain way, to a certain extent. However, this is not enough for me, and I miss her a lot. Hence come all my posts about her.

May I truly meet her again very soon.

Peeping into the frame

I want to show as well this ultra-saturated, blue-hued, ghostly gloomed, broader framing of the same shot. Mainly because it resembles some of her usual looks in my dreams:

(If you like these “after life” colours, you may see some more in  “Pictures from dreams – ‘Soulshine’ (VII)”  , in   “Silent Faces”   and in other posts and pages on my sister’s blog: SOMETHING BEYOND.)

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