Paintings of absence and melancholy (II) – Jim Holland’s empty boats

Some views on Jim Holland’s work and some additional selected paintings:

(This post is an improved and extended reblogging of an old one with the same title, and continues Paintings of absence and melancholy (I) – Chairs and windows by Jim Holland, also published months ago on this blog. You will find there an introductory note about the artist.)

–  Aside of the paintings figuring chairs, windows and inhabited indoor spaces, Holland has focused as much, or even more, on boats; always empty, be them stranded on the beach, moored to docks or even floating offshore. Among them we see mainly rowboats and skiffs, and also catboats and small yachts; I have never found any larger crafts than these.

Notice the great virtuosity of Holland when depicting the waves and ripples, the shadows and all kind of reflections on the water; and also the extraordinary luminosity of sky and sea. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to believe at first sight that “Oars at the Ready” or “Cat Reflections”, for instance, are oil paintings on a canvas… 

Jim Holland _paintings_houses_landscapes_boats
Oars at the Ready


Dock Angles

Dory and Ripples

Cat Reflections


[None of the images is mine, but all of them have been carefully chosen and edited by me, in order to bring back to them, as much as possible, the brightness and colours of the originals. The majority of paintings shown on this post and the following one belong in private collections, and a few of them are still -or until very recently- for sale in galleries from Boston and New York City (btw. at surprisingly affordable prices).]

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