Mystified Mist

This illustration -quite cleared in shade and made more resplendent- is one of my favourites by Luis Royo (at least, the portion I show). Thus edited, more than “mist” it looks like astral matter to me; a soul with its aura:

Mist mod 2

A dark version of it is also interesting -… more scaring; were I to meet a spirit with a blackish aura like this:

Mist mod 3

Here down is the original complete “Mist”, as Luis Royo coloured it (the iris or orchid shade of blue is very nice, but I do not think that the lower third of the image is as accomplished -not even as well drawn- as the rest; to me, these hands, hips and thighs do not match with the beautiful head and bust):

“Mist” by Luis Royo

For those who have not read the linked biography (or do not understand it, being in Spanish), Luis Royo (b. 1954) is a Spanish illustrator and designer born in Olalla, a village in the province of Teruel. He is known for his fantasy illustrations published in numerous art books, magazines such as Heavy Metal and various other media including book and music CD covers, video games and Tarot cards.

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