Shyly Erotic Posing – 2017

Sitting down, getting up, walking around with a super-short skirt; being shot all the time by a friend. Tucking as possible while getting a bit aroused; especially when sitting… I think the pics look cute in part for this, though nothing is visible.
(Two thoughts: the hands look slimmer than real thanks to their position and the sweater half-covering them; the thighs look much fuller and girly (and sexy!) than real also due to the position and the point of view. Love good photographers ✨.)
This is the first pic I post: sitting down. But mind you the best are the ones from behind; just have a look in a few days.
Sat down, a little bit aroused_ret +y filtr 2-2 rev WPhd
Sat down, a little bit aroused

A darker and slightly wider view:

Sat down, a little bit aroused_ret +y darker
Sat down, a little bit aroused (darker)

Earlier photos of the same person in different moods, and different shades of blue:



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