Farewell Post

Here you are my tightest, warmest, desperate hugs to you, Ari! Followed by some of the images from Miyazaki’s (and other directors’) movies you loved so much.

As I wrote elsewhere, may you stay in peace, but not resting too much, jagorri, lluerneta, firefly! Some of us need your presence and caring. I for one will be on the watch for both things. Do not leave us alone…
All my love for you as always. All my longing. All my perpetual admiration.

O Del kamel tut, Devleski phakali … ❤

come and hug me

Hug you, John!

Totoro - Good night, sleep tight

Kiss the flame of life

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Journey into childhood (Howl's Moving Castle-2004)

Howl's Moving Castle; Howl's room

05 - 1





Pico 1a

Piko 1b


Spirited away

2016 - 1

As it had been famously written: “The rest is silence”.

… (and her will of passing; and then, the passing itself -facing bravely the final darkness; crossing it-, was never, ever “a colossal mindfuck” as someone, non-famously (and perhaps infamously) wrote one day.)