Um eine Seele – About a soul – Sobre una ànima

Having some beautiful angel by one’s side, defending you against hellish claimers –even when it is too late for joy–, does not seem a trifle.

Sascha Schneider painted this oil below: “Um eine Seele” two times, in 1920 and 1922. I do not know which version is this one I’m posting, nor where it is kept, if it still survives. Anyway, it deserves to be better known and appreciated for its merit and expressive power; very few pieces of visual art have ever gripped me so suddenly.

Vora una ànima - Sascha Schneider, 1920/22
About a soul – Sascha Schneider – 1920 or 1922


At least, two variations on the same theme were made by this German-Russian artist at different epochs: an engraving in 1904 for the cover of a novel by his friend Karl May (“Im Reiche des silbernen Loewen III”), which I show below, and a second one to illustrate the same work (which I do not show, since I lack a decent copy).

Engraving by Sascha Schneider, 1904

Caption means: In the realm of the silver lion — Al reialme del lleó d’argent (in Catalan)


9 thoughts on “Um eine Seele – About a soul – Sobre una ànima

  1. Hello, Sweetie.
    I find it interesting that only the LEFT wing is shown in either of these pieces. I wonder if that meant something specific to the artists? I also find it a bit curious that one of the “demons” is what appears to be a gorilla. Oh, the questions I would love to ask in person!
    Be well, my sweet! 🐞🌟💖❤💛💚💙💜

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    1. Hey, Liz 🙂
      That’s very insightful of you. I had not realised it, but it could be deliberate, since that man -a gay man in unfriendly times for them- was politically leftist -or even anarchist; but Christian, and so, the devilish gorilla may also come from it, or be a general prejudice of those times.
      I do fight for wellness, yes… And the best is I do have some warmth around quite often –no moneys, but cuddles and laughs 🙂
      I also hope you’re well or better (despite the old ailments and newer strains you have as a student). Thank you so much, again, for being so sweet and delicate with me ! 🙂 🌟💖❤💛💚💙💜🌟


      1. Hello, Lovely Ladybug!
        Hmm – I hadn’t thought of that, that it might have been political. There’s often times talk of the “good” angel on one shoulder and the “bad” demon on the other – and I *think* they’re always represented as left and right, respectively? Maybe it’s just in cartoons it shows up that way.
        I can completely see how a gorilla could be used to represent another prejudice, sadly. I do like that even with the nudity, and the line that could be a penis, both of the angels seem asexual. I might be overthinking this some.
        Cuddles and laughs are better than money, my love – they aren’t taxable! They may not buy the groceries, but they make the lack of them less painful.
        I’m in place… sheltering, wondering when this plague will end, and what will come out of it.

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        1. HI !!
          I agree my point is not much likely; poorly thought… As for yours, I did not know it –so we learn something new every day 🙂 !
          I believe you’re overthinking that thing on the “asexuality” of these angels, LIz. To me, and I’m sure to the paineter as well, they (always androgine boys he drew from real models) are quite sexual beyond their delicate beauty.
          Some love (or just sex) and joy are very much better than money if you have money enough to pay the bills –happily I, we, are still able to buy the groceries (and also some lube and hygienic wipes :))
          I thank you a lot again for your sympathy !! 🌟💖❤💛💚💙💜 With real thigh hugs and a good kiss !

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          1. Greetings, Lovely!
            Learning is how we become our better selves, it implies that our brains are not so atrophied that there is “nothing new under the sun”. I love being curious!
            Ah, I didn’t know they used real models – although if I’d actually thought about it, it would have been perfectly clear! It amazed me how lovely these models are – gender etc aside – I see them as being the ethereal beings they are presented as. neither of this world or another.
            I’m glad that you are in a place where you are getting some of the things you need – it’s been too long. Know that I’m sending you much love, and hopes for a far better future.

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            1. This below is a good sample of his models (boys who attended his quite private “gymnasium”: one very much after the ancient Greek style and utility…)

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                1. I don’t think it was -at least quite often-, as it seldom is between a young teen and an elder with money and means to exchange for favors. Even if I like his art, I dislike the author (this seems the norm, anyway… :/ )


                  1. Ah, yeah… That does change the whole outlook, doesn’t it? It’s ugly when coercion and manipulation are the structure of any type of relationship. It’s damned hard to respect someone who is abusive.

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