5 thoughts on “Sunny Colours

    1. Wow ! Hello, hey, hi 🙂 Welcome !
      Liz…, I’ve been so inclined, but I have not sold much besides my soul to the devil, and small silly favours from time to time. So, I am out of my home before Christmas, since I can’t pay the rent.
      Anyway, I have almost finished my second novel and I do hope to be accepted for publishing this time. This would help, as much as your encouraging helps.
      Thank you ! I have not read most of your posts lately, and not said anything to you, either :/ I’m sorry. Nothing is as it was some months ago.
      💙 💚 💛 !!! 💋 !


      1. Oh, Love…. If I could wrap you in a big hug, and ease the pains, I would!
        You have an eye and a gift for color that I envy – I can’t imagine disinterest in your work. It can’t hurt to try, you know? I’m sorry about your home, I know it means so very much to you.
        SECOND novel?? Dear heavens, that’s what you’ve been doing? Keep at it, Sweetness. You’re brilliant and I know you have incredible value.
        No worries on the silliness I put out – it’s mostly whinging anyway.
        Love you, Dear! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖🎆

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        1. You would indeed … and this makes me cry right now . Uffff… Thanks and thanks…
          About selling my work, be in visual art or in letters, I’ve always been too lazy, and more than once, too spiteful with people who look at me the wrong way, or with prejudice; aside of being unlucky sometimes (or so I think).
          I don’t know why, I find easier to sell much more irrelevant things, and act driven by instinct and lust, like cats do oftentimes. Maybe because my hormone balance is absolutely messy and abnormal, I seem like still stuck in mid-puberty to my own disgrace ://
          Allow me some days to read your late writings on the blog and I will convince you you are NOT, ever, silly or anything like this 🙂

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          1. Ah. Well, you get the hugs, and kitten snuggles, and time in front of the fireplace with something lovely to drink.

            I don’t know what to say, Dear. Maybe there’s a space where your work will be appreciated by people without prejudice or the side eye. You have so much to offer, your color skills are breathtaking, and you know how to frame something to make it more vibrant than the subject alone. I don’t know how else to say it – your work leaps off my screen, and makes me want to Warhol a wall with the different variations on the theme.

            As for irrelevant – ah, my Dear – that is NOT what is going on. I think you’re looking for comfort where you’ve found it before, and if it’s harsh, well there’s familiarity there as well. That doesn’t make it irrelevant – there’s a level of returning to the pain you know over moving into a pain you don’t. If that makes any sense.

            No worries about reading what I post – half of it will outright annoy you – the other half will likely leave you wondering that I have made it this far in life without a nanny, LOL. I don’t mind being silly, or the like. It’s part of who I am.


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