Sad and Happy

Many happy girls look very much alike. Sad girls use to be very different from each other… and this one was extremely different; sad and happy at the same time, and lovely in any mood.


DSC002013 ret i 4 bw fr HappyGirl
Not happy; just glad at whiles


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4 thoughts on “Sad and Happy

  1. Of course, my friend :)) I knew you would recognize this short introduction of mine if you ever read it!
    Anna Karenina’s first lines are just unforgettable for those who know them. I felt this very free quotation was right here, on this hypernostalgic post, because that girl was also extremely brave, passionate and special, like Anna was (even if very different in other aspects).
    Thanks a lot for the compliment… But the photo is not as good (her feet got cropped, for instance :/…) It’s only her that makes it pretty, and, yes, quite lovely, because she was !
    Hugs and Best Regards Elisabeth !


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