Teen girl on the beach – Wales, 94

An old photograph from June 1994 has served me as a direct inspiration to make several digital editions, drawings and paintings. This one below is a mix of all three ways.

Revisiting both the original pic and my own recreations I am very aware I witnessed some special charm and true beauty. The parasol, the long, silky hair (even if more than half of it was to be cut soon), the one piece swimwear she was seemingly arranging –or perhaps just lifting it to show off a cute little booty–, the recently budding breasts she also was eager to boast when possible, the delicate building of her entire body, still enthrall me and make me understand that beauty is the main thing; the most important, disturbing and hurtful one we have to face in this life in this world. Because beauty –let’s face it– drives us further than anything else, and hurts us more deeply.


Teen on the beach - by LiF
Teen on the beach -Summer 94

[© Li Fontrodona; photo by E. Vendrell]


No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.

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4 thoughts on “Teen girl on the beach – Wales, 94

  1. I think I see it as

    Fear/Anger/Love and then beauty…. but yes. Eloquent. This version is probably so much better than the original version as it leaves us to fill in a lot of the scene. Making it onto whatever we equate as beautiful on top of the beauty that is already quite evident. Nice.

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    1. I thank you a lot for your comment and kind compliment. I still consider the original (with all its flaws of framing, overexposition, a cheap and quite ugly waist-watch she wore, some clumsy objects on the sand, etc.) is even more beautiful and disturbing, but certainly I have done my best to make her as cute and perfect as it gets. Hugs and thanks again 🙂

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  2. At the risk of being thoughtless, I find this picture beautiful and haunting. The lack of detail means it could be almost any spirit, and harder to identify the person and her beauty. At the same time, the pose, the correlation of the umbrella to the shore and cliff make for a very compelling view. You have the most astute eye for manipulating photos.

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    1. You’re spot on. There is a big mix here: drawing much on a picture of any known person may lead to strange results. What I’ve tried is to make more girlish an already girlish teen, back then. The swimwear bottom, super-cute as it looks, was an actual piece, but the buttock it discloses, was slightly flatter. The umbrella is untouched; the breasts come from another pic, shot in another place, the teen depicted was also younger and more innocent than it looks here. Only that touch, lifting the skirt up that way, made me sigh and recall and try some kind of fusion; there are two “souls” in it and it’s no wonder you don’t see any, or many 🙂

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