Portrait from Beyond (a variant pic and a postscript)

My precedent post as a tribute to my sister, showed a very especially fine picture of her (a true artwork to my eyes, thanks both to her charm and exquisite elegance and the skill of the photographer –with a little help of the post-edition as well (colours and framing).

Ariel liked it much too and, in fact, she used a part of it (the head and hanging hair) as her first and most lasting avatar online. Furthermore, she decided one day (April 5th, 2016) to post to a few friends a very private confession relative to her hair –just as it looks in the photo I am talking about (once edited)–. Ari named it rupeske bal (Vlax-Rromani for “silver hair”), then she uploadded a screenshot from Hayao Miyazaki’s “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004)… This one:


Thanks a lot, my love
Hair like Starlight


And she commented:

“Once, many years ago, I was told this – or something very similar – and I still remember it with awe and happiness. Now I wish to share it and to express more or less publicly all my gratitude (and all my love!) to the person who liked my hair so much and made me feel so special, like a princess from far-away. And I adapt my profile accordingly 🙂
I’m still deeply in love with him. I’ll ever be!”

Were it not that, back in September 2004, when the movie was released, Ari was already wearing a very similar hair-cut and hair-dress, I would believe she was inspired by Sophie’s in the movie. I’m serious.

I want to believe she is still wearing, or seeming to wear, her usual hair-dress and colour (a quite rare, almost natural ash blond), because it became her a lot and I can barely imagine her more beautiful with another hair-look (except maybe some pastel pink she wore in her early twenties).


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7 thoughts on “Portrait from Beyond (a variant pic and a postscript)

      1. I was in line at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago, and at one point I turned around and……the hair was slightly longer, but the same color. The eyes were almost a perfect match. I hope the young lady didn’t think I was rude or weird for seemingly staring at her, but the resemblance was uncanny. For a moment I thought……..=)

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        1. Aww… i wonder if you could have steathily shot a pic of her with your phone… (let me say I would not have dared to do it, but I would felt the inner impulse to go and talk to her

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